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Who We Are

The internet is a wonderful thing. Through Facebook, a bunch of mommies met online and chatted about baby food. We have over 200+ ladies looking to feed their kiddos and in search of meal inspiration.

This blog is a collection of recipes we have tried, loved, and thought were worth sharing.

This blog is NOT a place of advice beyond simply cooking food. Most of us aren’t medical professionals by trade, and if any are, we’re still not experts in everything baby. The internet is full of many other blogs and resources out there for you to learn about how to make your own baby food, baby-led-weaning, and all sorts of other useful stuff. This is not that kind of blog. No need to re-invent the wheel. We also aren’t here to give advice about what you should feed your baby when, and what foods are safe or unsafe. You’re responsible for your own research there. So don’t sue me because you gave your kid something they weren’t ready for….

But we wanted a place to share recipes we tried and liked, as well as tips and tricks of all kinds, so this blog was born! We hope to tag and categorize our recipes as efficiently as possible so you can search recipes by age group, food type, or even specific ingredients.

Welcome to our little corner of the interwebs 🙂



Interested in being a contributor? Comment below!


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